island serotonin

by glisper

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released August 1, 2013



all rights reserved


glisper Virginia

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Track Name: Triple lutz
Mirar las estrellas, always looking up stretching out
until, it all falls down.
I know i'm not the only one who's freaking out
triple lutz, into a scream.

For some reason he wants me to stay and tell him things
I don't think I can give it away
so easily

There was a time that I can't remember but i'm not certain if I forgot.
There was a night in a strange December when the future lounged inside of my thought.
How to accept how it goes, nobody knows why...
It's all around, the orbital pulse
outside of mind.
falling asleep in an airplane seat, drooling on the plexiglass.
how the planet looks so animated, clay water and clay grass.
Track Name: Flamingo's shadow
Nevermind the tribe i'm on my own.
my teepee stay fly and my speakers stay blown.
speaking to the moon through a microphone.
sneaking through the loops in your dial tone.
nevermind the tribe i'm on my own.
teepee stay fly, speakers stay blown.
maybe i'm not crazy to come home.
I see flamingo shadows in your garden gnome's soul.

Nevermind the tribe i'm on my own
desensitized from a cologne
of colonized x-primal clones
ice cream cones and lexapro
i'm prone to bust the megaphone
meta-zone's a super dome
I meditate until I choke
In a hot spring, while my vocals soak
exfoliate in a black hole
a holographic stripper pole
my zodiac does note my throat
is made to approach specific notes
pacific ocean, wave like motion
vibrato velvet vocal spokes
depression like an anchored boat
sunbathing in a black fur coat
programming a precious moat
so when the castle sinks, I'll float
rations of a cantaloupe
as cheetahs chase the antelope
pigeon toes, i'll hit the slopes
and go numb in the falling snow.
Track Name: Hotel hallway
Hotel hallway
royal blue and plum
aquarium on ice
submarine kick drum
dreams of what's to come
not easily amused
turn the tv off
and let me be your muse
Track Name: Watch the water lollipop
Gps is ghostin' out
navigatin' through the town
floatin' round like fluffy clouds
cruise control has chained me down
tiger in the round-about
swear I'd stop if I knew how
wanna touch exotic stripes
big paws on my baby thighs
whiskers under diamond eyes
erotic confusion lies
in subconscious trigger time
obsession is a faulty drive
stop this thing, I wanna drive
I think we can compromise
intimidation from the size
of bootleg carni-vor-val prize.

Water tower, rusty mist
climb the latter, get the jist
ankles breathe...into the wrist
tsunami slush won't make you slip
If you trust the psycho Zen
if you must, go on pretend
*vibrations* waiting to be sent
system's down, and super dense
tell yourself it's making sense
through any filter, any lense
twenty something, too many friends
browsing your photos like your already dead

Tears on the touch screen at your cyber grave
I wrote you a song but forgot to hit save
I swallowed a pill for a couple of days
signed a contract to be my own slave
altered states, is it how they "behave"?
deep within some unknown cave
hearing echoes from the astral plane
sounds from the next room smudge the bass
humid stairwell, what is this place?
who are these people? what's wrong with your face?
the UV rays got you lookin real glazed
ready to drive through the morning haze.
Track Name: Luxury yacht
you were on board my luxury yacht
the sun is hot, so take your clothes off
I like your bikini but it's got me dreaming
how you would look bare
in the spicy air
temperature rising
your grace is surprising
for the amount you drank
I feel the same
hurry up strip down
before the sun burns out
I want to lick your skin
while the seagulls sing in harmony
baby your glowing
propellers are rowing
into the abyss
give us a kiss
this is our tryst
the ocean mist
is jealous of us
we're no one to trust

Dive off the deck
how low can you get?
into the trench
if you really want to feel wet
the creatures down here
don't fill us with fear
listen very closely
and you can hear
acid bass-lines
arpeggiated wind chimes
rhythms in odd time
holding our breathe
flirting with death
the pressure and depth
the waves are on meth
gaze up at the surface
don't get so nervous
i'm at your service
Track Name: As the blue C(rush) comes
Wake me up, white sheets and the sun is gleaming through
jacuzzi, juice, you bring waffles to my room
satin gown, Saturn and the moon
fadin' out
on an HD afternoon

Paradise, is only torture in disguise
I'm alive, paralyzed on the high dive
exercise, purely sure miles per hour
imagine now
on that island, there's a tower
Track Name: Firejewel
Dreamin' in the spot ancient greece, that's my zone
unknown numbers be textin through my phone
I bet you can tell I've never been here before
but the way I flip the script got you feelin like a clone

Let me tell you how i feel about the way i'm gonna say the things I say
first of all, I never hate, the least I do is 'ppreciate
the passion people replicate
originate or fabricate, i'm always down to elevate
Escalade limmo , you ain't heard the memo
my firejewel light up like a fosforescent minnow
my soul been old, gonna fly into your window
force you to snort fairy dust and overdose on mentos

chromosomes, overtones, voodoo shit inside my drone
nobody's fuckin with her
she whispers
to the goose in the elipser
than an F5 twister
sweeter than the taste of a strawberry twizzler

rotate the strokes and swim away fast
not a monster in the abyss that I can't outlast
if your out of breathe, you can ride on my back
keep your eyes on the horizon, forget the math
hold up, while I speed up, alligators in the water so I gotta keep my up
pull ya seat up, cause my legs need room
bout to meditate this cruise ship straight to the moon.
Track Name: Dream zone
The dreams I had last night
have melted, dwelling inside my sight
if only outside, could remain twilight
the creamy pink and blue
fading into night

I need to tell you truth
I need to tell you lies
I need for you to look
deep into my eyes

Trapped inside the loop
nowhere to hide
I breathe in and out
and hold onto you tight
my feet are cold as ice
my hands are trembling
always dazing off
always remembering
the dreams I had last night

not in the mood and walking by
try to sustain my thoughts so you can read my mind
if and when It works I'm gonna be shy
underneath the layer, you're going to find
a gold mine, It's inside
you can't have it until I die
and if and when, they take me home
I'm gonna summon you and get you deep into the zone